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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Catching Up

Hi everyone.  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and loved ones.  As usual the days flew by.

We haven't done anything in school that you have not already seen, so I just thought I would give you a quick update as to where we are--mostly so you don't think I fell of the face of the earth:).

One new activity I did before our Thanksgiving break was a bit of a bust so I didn't post it.  I'll tell you about it now, maybe there is someone out there with a better way to pull it off.  

I tried to make a turkey from a latex glove with the children.  I let them use marker to color the fingers for "feathers."  The I blew the glove up a bit to make it's turkey shape--almost impossible to tie.  I think my fingers were blue for the rest of the day from cutting off my circulation.  

After the glove was blown up I let them draw a face on the thumb.  I had cut out some feet from a piece of poster board using a hand print. I put a slit in the feet to slide the turkey in so he could stand.

Problems:  #1--I didn't like using the regular markers because they came off when you touched them.  I didn't want to use permanent marker in case they got it on them.
#2--It was impossible to tie after it was blown up.  It didn't matter if I had blown it up a little bit or a lot.
#3--It didn't stand that great.
#4--Some of them popped when I was sliding them into the foot holder--the most devastating of all.  

So that was my experience.  These turkeys are not on the schedule for next year. 

The rest of the month we spent getting ready for our Thanksgiving Feast.  And, more recently, we made our cinnamon ornaments for our Christmas Tree.

We did still do letters and numbers even though we were busy with feast preparations.  by the end of the year we will have finished the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.  The last few letters we did were L, and U.  Our final letter of the 2012 school year is C.

The three-year-old class is almost done with their color book.  They are working on the color green this week and will finish up with white next week.  Hopefully we can get the books all done before we leave for Christmas break.

The colors we are finished with are: red, yellow, orange, black, blue, brown, and purple.

Today we made our egg carton ornaments for our tree.  We are planning our hand print poem for Thursday.  

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Nursery Staff said...

It seems you had a great thanksgiving.

Daniel said...

Some very nice activities you shared here, i wonder that the kids have enjoyed a lot. And the days near Thanksgiving had become so fun for the kids. :)