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Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Ahead

During the month of March that wonderful season of spring arrived. Of course, we had a bit of fun with that. I already posted the cute baby birds that the Pre-K class made, but I didn't get a chance to post the three-year-old's activity.

To begin the day since it was beautiful out, we went for a nature walk. We looked for all kinds of signs of spring. We looked for leaves on the trees, flowers in the garden, robins, worms, ants, etc. It's fun to take a walk first thing in the morning.

Our craft for the day was apple blossom trees. You could really call them any kind of blossom tree you would like. They are made with popcorn so I think they look like apple blossoms. I couldn't call them cherry blossom trees as the "flowers" aren't pink. They look good--and smell good-no matter what you call them.

The branches are made with marker, construction paper leaves, and popcorn. The children draw a branch, glue on some leaves, then we use tacky to add popcorn for the blossom.

We should get to more activities this month. I don't know though our time at school is getting very short. The three-year-old class only has 10 more classes. Can you believe that?

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ourlovevan said...

Lindo, adorei!!! Espreite o milsorrisoscoloridos e veja o que fazemos... Sorrisos coloridos de Portugal para si.