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Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day the Pre-K Way

Today we had our Valentine celebration with the Pre-K class since they won't be at school tomorrow. It was actually a very nice day. It seemed I had a lot planned and I was afraid things would get hectic, but it went well.

The children had all brought their Valentines' in to school and Mrs. M helped them deliver them to the children's "mailboxes." These were bags that we made on Friday in school.

Over the weekend I made sugar cookies in the shape of a heart, one for each child--we ate the rest:). I then bought some icing in the tubes. Then I let the children each decorate their own cookie with the icing to take home.

Our craft was a Valentine wreath--another great project from the Mailbox. For the wreath you need:

One large paper plate with the center cut out

red paint

I had precut all of the paper plates. Each child got a paper plate and painted the "bottom" of the plate with red paint. I had actually mixed my red paint with some glue since the hearts were to be glued on after the paint.

Since I wasn't sure if some of the children had used enough paint to keep the hearts glued to the plate, I put a circle of glue around the plate. The children then added the hearts around to finish off their project.

I punched a hole in the plate and added a piece of yarn in case they wanted to hang them up. They were really cute, and not hard to make. Maybe a bit messy, but that's always par for the course.

We finished up the day with some Valentine's Day songs and checking out all the goodies in their "mailboxes." Happy Valentine's Day.!

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Angela said...


Jen said...

Oh Trish- the heart wreaths are adorable!! I'll have to Pin it for next year. We had a fun Valentine's Day. I suprised the kids with a treat/toy bucket, played Valentine bingo, and another dice rolling game. Tried to make heart shaped meatloaf- lol-didn't work out as planned. Take Care!


Denise said...

Hey Trish, I just loved those wreaths! They looked like a lot of fun to do too!