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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jazzy Jellyfish

Mrs. Ackerman's class was doing the letter J the same week we had our Beach Day. (I'm a bit behind and I haven't posted the Beach Day activities yet). Anyway, I thought her jellyfish was really cute and I wanted to share it with you.

For the project you will need:

a disposable paper bowl
google eyes
curling ribbon

Turn the bowl upside down so the children will be working with the bottom of the bowl. Mrs. Ackerman had the children paint the bottom of the bowl with some glitter paint. The glitter paint gave the jellyfish that sort of see through look, but I'm sure any paint will add pizazz to the craft.

The they glued to google eyes to the side of the bowl. Now I know jellyfish don't have eyes, but you have to admit they look pretty cute with them.

To make the jellyfish's' tentacles, Mrs. Ackerman bunched together a few strands of curling ribbon and they taped them to the inside of the bowl. (I wasn't actually there when they did the craft but I was thinking you could complete this step first if you wanted. I thought it might be easier if there wasn't paint all over the bowl.)

Let them dry and they are ready to "swim in the sea." I also thought you might want to string a piece of yarn or a pipe cleaner through the top so that they can be hung.

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Dana Brunner said...

Love this jelly fish. Adorable!