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Monday, February 27, 2012

Conference Time

We had conferences for the Pre-K class last week. This being my first year for Pre-K I was a bit extra nervous. I tried to prepare as well as I could. They went well. I just hope I hit everything.

For my evaluations I had made up a little paper to go over with the children. I had them write their name at the top. Then we went over shapes and colors. First I told them the names of the shapes and asked them to glue down the right shape, then we went back over them and I asked them the names of the shapes.

I pretty much did the same thing with the colors. I read the names of the colors and had the children color the squares. Then we went back and I had them tell me the names of the colors.

For the letters and numbers I had them on the paper and I asked the children to tell me what they were. I made sure I didn't do the letters in order to get a better idea of their knowledge.

The final thing I had them do was a cutting exercise. You may remember Ally the Alligator from 3yr. class? I did sort of the same thing except it was an astronaut. The children had to cut out 4 triangle shapes and glue them back together to make an astronaut. (The children had a bit of trouble putting the four pieces together. I think it was because they were connecting the smile on the face, but their was an extra smile piece that needed to go between the other pieces. The children kept missing the middle part of the smile.)

They all did well, I was very proud of them.

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