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Friday, February 17, 2012

9 and 10

Our number books went home a couple of weeks ago, I just been slow to tell you about it. Sorry if you were waiting for the finished product.

The last two numbers we needed to add were 9 and 10. For number 9 we had a groundhog with 9 pieces of fruit. I was planning on cutting out some small fruits so the children could glue them with the groundhog, but I got lucky and found fruit stickers in our supply. So, the children just needed to add 9 fruit stickers.

They then added 9 beads to their number close.

We did number 10 right before Valentine's Day so of course we had to have a Valentine paper. I had a picture of a mailbox and we added 10 valentines. To do this I again had stickers. We had lots of valentine stickers so I let the children choose the ones they liked best and they put them on the paper.

And the final project---10 beads on the number line.

The children were so excited to take their books and number lines home to show their parents. I had made the cover for the book on the computer, so we just had to staple them all together. I hope everyone enjoyed their books. The children did a great job!

Are you interested in obtaining the number pages? Click here.

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Angela said...

I love the number line!


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Mike Cohen said...

Now THAT is cute and gets the kids really talking about and interacting with the numbers. Good stuff!

Ambleside Child Care said...

I like your number line idea ...that's great. where do you get the number sheets for the number book? I operate an approved licensed home daycare (the agency I work under has the license) ....I'd like to do the number book with my kids there a web address? THanks,

JFreeman said...

I was not able to click on 9 or 10 to obtain the pages. COuld you fix the link? I would love to use them.

morna said...

I loved your number sheets... im a primary school teacher and always looking for ways to save time,even if this time they were for my 3yr old daughter. I cant get the links for 9 and 10 to work..... such a pity

Preschool Playbook said...

I'm not sure why the links for these two numbers aren't working. I've reloaded them before, but they just won't work right.

I'm sorry--I'm not super techy.