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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Sensory Overload

As hard as I try to fill our hearts and minds with the smells and sounds of spring, mother nature tries just as hard to keep winter tops on the list.

Today is a day I look forward to every year at school. During our spring unit we take a trip to a place called Ott's Exotic Plants. This is a greenhouse/nursery beyond compare. They have some of the most GORGEOUS plants and flowers ever seen--at least by me. The atmosphere is always one of an overload of smells, beautiful colors, and elaborate creations.

So you can imagine how excited I was that today was the day. Well, we get to school and it's a bit gray--nothing too bad. When it's time to leave--Oh my gosh! It's like a tornado out there. The winds are gusting, the rain is horizontal, and it's freezing.

Really!!?? I thought. (Imagine here a big scowl, lip out, foot stamping, maybe even tears--temper tantrum on the way--and that's ME!) I'm just kidding.

Well we still had our trip, it's mostly indoors anyway. And yes, it was beautiful. The flowers were gorgeous, the smells were fantastic, the waterfall and "jungle room" magnificent. The only thing really missing was the sun shining through those big windows and to feel the warmth on our faces.

Hopefully this trip will bring spring to our hearts, minds, and area.

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Brimful Curiosities said...

Sounds like a lovely time. We've been enjoying the beginnings of spring with outdoor nature walks and observing the emerging daffodils and colorful birds. Spring is full of promise, life and color!

Mariana said...

It is always nice to share such nice outings with the kids. Even though the weather was rather winterish, I hope you had all a wonderful time.

Diana said...

I can imagine how eager the kids were!!!!