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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Field of Flowers

I thought with spring fast approaching it might be fun to brighten up our room with a field of flowers. This activity was a two day activity and one that will stay with us--not go home. I always have to stress to the children that what we are making is going to stay in the room. They so much enjoy showing their parents their wonderful creations, it's hard for their masterpieces to stay with me.

To create our field of flowers we spent one day finger painting with beautiful spring colors. With some of the children you can see the therapeutic aspects of finger painting kick in as they create their work of art. Some of them just seem so calm and peaceful as they swirl those colors around on the paper.

Before we got to cutting out flowers, I took a large piece of paper and laid it on the table. The children pressed their hands in a green stamp pad and we made leaves and stems to attach our colorful flowers.

After the finger paintings dried it was time for the flowers. I had made some flower patterns from some tag board. The children decided what flowers they wanted to trace and cut out. Most of them did very good with the tracing I was impressed. The cutting out of the pattern was a little bit more difficult. I tried to make easy shapes, but I may have overestimated. I told them to just cut the flower out as best as they could, but some are pretty adamant that it is perfect.

When the children had finished cutting out their patterns they went over to our "field" and glued their flowers anywhere they liked. When everyone was finished we hung our work of art on the wall to admire it. They were very proud. It is really quite pretty.

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Mariana said...

What a nice way of saying hello! to Spring!

Laura said...

This is a colorful way to receive Spring. Your students must have been really enthusiastic about the project!

Anonymous said...

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