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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Tasty" Apple Blossom Trees

I know it sounds like we might be making something yummy to eat, but actually we are not. With the beginning of spring we have been discussing all the glorious happenings going on around us. One of those, of course, is the blossoming of the trees. On this day we focused on apple blossoms.

The craft we made is very easy. The tasty part? Popcorn. We used popcorn to represent the blossoms on the trees.

For the craft you need:

construction paper
green construction paper leaves
markers or crayons
glue (I used tacky)

The first step is to have the children draw a tree branch with the marker or crayons. You may get some very thick branches, or you may get some smaller branches.

After the branches are drawn, it is time to add the leaves. I had some precut leaves for the smaller children, but allow the children to cut their own leaf shapes if they are able. Add the leaves to the branches.

Finally it's time to add the blossoms. I had the children put tacky where they wanted their "blossoms" then add the popcorn.

The final step is to enjoy the beautiful creations while snacking on the leftover popcorn--mmm.

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MyKidsMake said...

cute idea!!! and yummy

Preschool Crafts said...

LOVE this! I will be doing this with my home daycare. Great site!

Mariana said...

Yummy and nice idea!!