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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week in Review

I am so confused! What day is it? What shape am I on? Did I do that project yet? This weather has just sent me spinning. I even forgot my camera one day. I hear we are supposed to get more snow this week too. Will we ever be done?

I have a couple of cute things I've been wanting to show you, just been procrastinating, sorry. First one of our Pre-K teachers made the cutest snowman that I thought I would show you.

You will need:

two small paper plates
pipe cleaners
pom poms
tacky glue
items for decorating.

To make the snowman attach the two paper plates together to form the snowman's body. You may staple these together or glue them. The punch two holes in one paper plate, one about where each "ear" would be. One end of the pipe cleaner goes through one hole and gets folded over, to attach to the the plate. Bend the wire like a "headband", and put the other end through the opposite hole and fold the end over.

Now glue two pom poms over the whole to make it look like ear muffs. Finally, get all you decorations and add a face and...anything else you like. I thought they were cute.

Next, the 3yr. old class added the I Know My Colors page to the Me Book on Tuesday. For this page I make a color caterpillar. I have circles cut out from all the colors we do. The children name the colors then they get glued down to make a caterpillar.

I also had a new sensory material out too. I had gotten Kidfetti Play Pellets from Discount School Supply back when I did the order last July. I just had never gotten it out, today was the first day. They, of course, thought they were great. Children have so much fun with this type of material. We did have Kidfetti all around the room, but it's easy to sweep up.

That's a quick recap of some of our back log of items. There is still some more, but we'll get to that later. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we can get more than 1 day of school in this week.

Oh I forgot, our ice did form and we brought it in for them to play with. We were letting them pretend to play ice hockey, that's why you may see tongue depressors and small "pucks" in with the ice. Brrrr--cold.

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Kristi @ Creative Connections for Kids said...

A great week! I like the ice formation and hockey activity.

Lacey said...

Great projects and a BIG thank you for the link to Discount School Supply :D

Laura said...

Great projects! Children get easily involved in them and show their creativity. In addition, they learn new things! Great!