Saturday, December 11, 2010

Guest Post: A Future in Business?

We all wonder, "What will my child be when they grow up?" It's a question we will ask ourselves often during the years they are growing with us. Michael Patterson has been quite passionate about getting me to share this article with you. Maybe you will see some signs of a future business woman or man in your little one.

3 Signs That Your Child is a Future Business Man/Woman

Every child is unique: some children may be natural born performers while others may show early signs of a successful career in business. Many people may think that business skills and children don't mix, but there are surefire clues to help you determine if your child is a future businessman/woman.

Sign #1 That Your Child is a Future Business Man/Woman: He or she has always been uniquely innovative

Almost all parents believe their child is the smartest kid on the block, and while that may be true to an extent, some children tend to behave in an inherently innovative manner. When a child is truly innovative in his or her daily actions, earning an online MBA degree from business school may be a natural step to consider. All kids, especially at a young age, use counting, sorting, exploration, experimenting and group work to develop certain skill sets that will eventually lead them to higher levels of learning.

As a result, every child learns in a different manner. However, if you notice that while the rest of the class does one thing -- such as choosing a story to read -- while your child wants to write his or her own story to read, your child may be in the early stages of developing an entrepreneurial skill set. Children learn with concrete materials in order to understand abstract concepts, so be sure to pay attention to how your child solves problems. Learning how to develop strong critical thinking and problem solving skills at a young age is key to earning an online MBA degree and becoming a future businessperson.

Sign #2 That Your Child is a Future Business Man/Woman: He or she has a penchant for numbers

It's a basic fact of life that some children are more naturally inclined to math and science while others may excel in the arts and languages. Of course a child may work hard at and excel in all subjects, but if he or she tends to earn high marks on math exams and continually uses his or her brain in an analytical nature, an online MBA may be calling.

In the business world, and with truly any profession, budgets, payrolls, income taxes, insurance policies and number crunching will play a role in the day-to-day activities. When your child excels in these tasks at a young age, he or she may already be predisposed to the most fundamental and basic aspects of the business world.

Sign #3 That Your Child is a Future Business Man/Woman: He or she likes to take control

It's no secret that the business world has a reputation for being harsh and relentless. Honestly, a successful company doesn't have room for pushovers. The bottom line is what matters to a corporation, whether it's just starting out or has been around for decades. Businesses need strong individuals to manage others and lead the company in the best direction, all while staying under budget, utilizing the latest technologies and striving to expand.

This means that children who enjoy being the center of attention or who like being the leader in groups may have the type of personality that's necessary for starting out in the business industry and earning an online MBA.

If you notice that your child possesses some of these traits, do your best to cultivate them so the child knows how to work them to his or her advantage. In contrast, no one likes a dictator who barks orders all the time, so show your child how to give direction while listening to others' opinions too.

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