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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Orange Play Dough (?)

I always like to try and do something the children will really remember or just have fun with. On Thursday I decided for orange week, I would make play dough with them using the recipe I have on the site. I HAVE made this before, but for me sometimes it works, sometimes--oh well.

I really do believe though this was an experience the children will remember. We gathered together on the blue rug, everyone getting close so they could see. Flour goes in, salt goes in, oil goes in; I set the oil down, don't put the lid on to well, and yes, you guessed it, I knocked the oil over onto the blue rug and my pants. AAAHH. What to do now?

So, of course, I just keep going while Mrs. Taylor and our helper bring paper towels, and any other absorbent object.

I add the Kool-Aid, which they thought was great, then the hot water. Now mix until a doughy consistency, right? Not for me, not today. Our helper kept pouring in flour while I kept mixing--no luck. It stayed the consistency of chocolate chip cookie dough and stuck to every finger I had.

I still wanted the children to experience it though, so we traveled together to a table and I just handed out globs of our dough(?) and let the children play with it. They loved it of course, but clean up took a while. I took one child at a time back to the sink and we cleaned them up.

Yes smiles were everywhere. Except, of course, on me as I looked at the big oil stain on the carpet. I tried some Dawn dish detergent and hot water, but I can still see it. Anyone have any secrets for getting an oil stain (vegetable) out of a carpet:)?

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Lee Anne said...

You can try sprinkling baby powder on it, letting it sit for a while and then blotting/vacuuming. The baby powder works well for getting oil stains out of clothes.

Plumfield School said...

Love it!! I own a preschool in southern California and love reading your blog. We, too, made orange playdough (although we made it 2 weeks ago). I use a "cook" version and just use an electric skillet. The kids love helping and counting as we measure out the number of cups for flour, water, etc. And like you, sometimes it works and other times, not so much. I used pumpkin pie spice this time around and orange food coloring. The trick to get it not so sticky is cream of tartar and for me, to just keep cooking it and then let it cool for awhile. Glad yours enjoyed it as much as mine! :)

CountryFunMaine said...

Love making different play doughs also. The kids always love to help too. For our long life dough I do like the cooked versions best. The children help with everything but the stirring on the stove.
For your stain You might try sponging with a solution of 1/2C water, 1/2 tsp detergent and 1 tsp vinegar. Sponge off and blot dry. May need to do a couple of times for a set stain.
or you can do what I did years ago with an old rug - we painted shapes, bowling marks, hopscotch board, etc., on the rug with fabric paints - those stains didn't show then and we had a great inside game mat.