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Friday, October 1, 2010

Amazing Apples

Celebrating apples came to a close yesterday with the children all bringing in an apple of their own so that we could make a yummy snack. The first thing we did with the apples was to make a graph to see what type of apple was the most popular in the class. Last year it was the red apple, this year it was apples with mixed red, green, and yellow colors.

After we graphed our apples, I had brought in 4 apples: Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, a Green apple, and a Rome apple. So, of course, we had to have a tasting party. They all tried every kind of apple. The only one that didn't go over to well was the green apple--oo000--a bit to sour.

We then went to our big room to make apple shakers. I had found these on Totally Tots a couple of years ago. They are easy and well. I think, yummy. (Not all of them agreed with me.)

For the apple shakers you will need:

An apple
a closing baggie
a plastic knife

The children cut the apples up into pieces and put them in the bag. They then sprinkle in some cinnamon and shake up the bag. I always have volunteers come and help with projects like this because I have other things going on too. And, yes, the plastic knife did work to cut the apple. It was a clear plastic knife with a bit of substance. The white bendy knives don't work as well. Imagine how great the room smelled while the cut the apples up and added cinnamon--mmm-delicious.

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CountryFunMaine said...

More ideas for my lessons book for next year. Didn't see this in your posting - but might have missed. If not just a thought for next year - something we do every year here at
- each apple has magic inside it - We are all so use to cutting an apple from stem to blossom point and into sections, but if you cut through from side to side you find the magic hidden inside - a star - this is for the five petals of the blossom and if you look at the blossom end you will also see the star. We always count (often chart) the seeds hiding in the star. My children have always enjoyed this and we usually end up making prints of the apples star.

mamabearscubhouse said...

love it! your students are so blessed to have you!