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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hanging Our Mural

If you remember, on Tuesday we painted a background to make a mural of "Us. Today we finished up our mural and hung it on the wall.

I had gotten some people shapes from Discount School Supply. I let the children pick a person, then finish it with clothes and a face using marker. When they were done, we glued it to our painting. I used tacky to glue it down so it would hold better on the paint. I was really pleased with the final product. It looks so good on the wall.

To help the children remember parts of a person, we did Mat Man from the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. Mat Man is always fun to create. This was our first time so it was a bit slow, but we will practice again.

Next week we start our Me Books and Color Books. Oh, did you know that next Friday is October 1? Who knew!

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