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Monday, February 15, 2010

Shape Books are Going Home

Well, maybe. If we ever get back to school they are going home. We finished the cover last Tuesday, the 9th, and we have yet to get back to school. Do you know what they are calling for starting this evening? That's right, you guessed it--SNOW. Someone said 4 to 8 inches. Are they crazy? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the whole thing is a hoax.

Anyway, I always love how the shape book covers turn out. We make little shape people; very basic, but very cute.

The children all get the four shapes that we put inside the book: square, triangle, rectangle, and circle. The shapes get glued to a piece of paper. We then add wiggle eyes, and some basic body parts. I had one little boy this year that made "shape octopus."

So, Mom and Dad, as long as we get to school tomorrow I will send home these great books that the children worked so hard on.

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Deborah Stewart said...

Those shape books are awesome! One of my favorite things yall have done this year!

Miller Moments said...

I love all of your shape activities. I've written them all down and can't wait to do them with my kiddos.

Mama to 5 said...

How cute! I love them! Great blog!