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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Parent Communication

Many times I get asked about the aspect of how we communicate school life with our parents. We have a few different ways we "get the word out."

Our first and major form of communicating is a monthly newsletter. We have been doing this for many years. Each teacher creates a newsletter for her class, then there is a cover letter by the director. These newsletters let parents know what events will be taking place in the upcoming month.

Here is a sample of my newsletter:

It contains themes, skills, and special events. There is a place to write important dates and always a list of our upcoming leaders. (Snack is provided by our parents on a rotating schedule. When children bring snack in for the day, they are the leader that day. This is the list included in each newsletter.)

Secondly, since we created a website for our school, I have been able to make a page that pretty much reiterates the important aspects of the newsletter. This way parents can check this page if they are looking for an important date to remember. I also post major events or changes on the front page.

A newer aspect we added a few years ago is what we call "the board." Our facility does not have a board where we can post something for nursery school parents. We have invented a little board which works well.

One board is an old felt board that we found in the attic. Our other board is a large white board we found somewhere. Each day the teacher will update the board with the days events. It includes what the children did, what they had for snack, the book we read, and other fun events that may have occurred. This board gets placed outside at the pick up area before the parents arrive so that they may read it.

Here is a copy of what I fill out and place on the board each day:

There is also space on the board to include our snack providers for the month and our show-n-share schedule. We also post sign-up sheets here, for computer help for example. We have space where we can write a reminder to the parents about an upcoming event.

We have found the board to be very helpful to parents with letting them know exactly what took place while they were away.

These are only a few ways that one can spread the word about how much fun the children are having at school and what great things are happening. I'm sure there are other great ways out there too. Oh yeah--like this wonderful blog:).

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Deborah Stewart said...

I love this! Great resource for others to see and use in their classrooms. You are so gracious to share!

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