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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Brown, Brown, All Around

Our color this week was brown. I'm not sure if it's me, but this color doesn't come as easily as the others. They like to call this color black, even though they identify black correctly. I keep trying.

Our first page for the color book was a acorn. My plan was to find some acorns outside and "marble" paint with them to make our acorn picture brown. Well, too little too late. I looked all around for acorns. We have some oak trees at the end of the street that are always full of acorns, so I thought for sure there would be some lying around. I plowed through mounds of leaves, but did not find one acorn--the squirrels beat me to it.

So I put on my thinking cap--what to do, what to do? I thought about raiding the wooden beads as there are lots of different shapes, but wasn't happy with the idea. Then I found some tissue paper squares and thought that would look neat--no brown. So I thought I would cut up some tissue paper--no brown. Finally, I saw my 500 brown bags and decided I would cut them up into squares and use them. The children painted the acorn with glue and put on the squares.

The second page was "Spot" the dog. I had cut out small brown circles-ovals and the children glued on spots then colored.

Here are the brown color page patterns:

My favorite idea this week was for the sensory activity. I decided to have "worms in brown mud." I cooked up some spaghetti--which I left in the refrigerator at home. Mrs. T was great enough to have some Ramen noodles in her cabinet that she cooked up quickly for me. Then I added brown paint to the noodles to make it look like we had some worms in mud. Well, I think I may have sold the idea too well. I got words like, icky, gross, ooo, "do I have to touch it," etc. I was shocked. I explained over and over again it was just noodles in paint. I thought for sure they would love this. They liked fingerpaint, why not this? Oh well I tried. Everyone at least touched it, but no one really "got into" it. Maybe it will leave a lasting brown impression though.

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pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Texture plates with brown crayons would be neat with the acorn coloring sheets too! We did the marble painting with acorns and brown paint on squirrel silhouettes last year they turned out really cute -- wish you lived closer I have a million acorns in my back yard right now (but last year we didn't get a single acorn) !!

Rachel said...

We are learning about textures and touch this week and would love to feature your "wormy dirt"!

Anonymous said...

Anna kept saying "snake at school" last week. (She calls worms "snakes".) She must have been referring to this activity.
Mary E.

Jessica said...

I was just wondering if you could give an idea of schedule for a preschool. I want to have a better schedule for myson so he gets used to rotine and just wonder what you did with the kids all day. Thanks. My e-mail is

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

I loved the 'brown activity' and 'spot the dog' but I wasn't too sure about the wormy dirt activity!

mamabearcubhouse said...

"just in noodles paint.." ROFLMBO!!!
i love the way your head works:), they will certainly remember brown! then again, your classes always seem memorable!:)


Anonymous said...

Brown is the best color ever!