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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fun With Red

Our color for the past week was red. Whenever we do colors I try to have them experience them in different ways. We also create a color book to go home at the end of our color fun.

On Tuesday we all wore red to school. I always think it's so cute when everybody is wearing the same color. Our play time included some fun with pom poms. I had a large container of pom poms and red bowls. I wanted the children to find the red pom poms and put them in the bowls. I actually wanted to use our new tweezers for this activity, but I had put them in that "safe" place, and am having trouble finding them. They did really well with this, then we started making pom pom soup. Yummy!

We had out the sand table where I had hid red blocks so as they scooped and poured, they would come across the red blocks.

I also have a color box which I made last year. I attach the color of the week to the box and ask the children when they find something of the color for the week during any time during they day, they should put it in the box and we will examine our treasures later in the day. Since this was new, our box wasn't overly filled, but some of them did add items they found.

For the color book we completed an apple and an apple tree. I had them do easel painting for the apple. They were so excited to paint. (I was a bit disappointed with the paint, when it dried it looked more pink than red--oh well.) The second page was an apple tree. I use some stickers for fine motor skills and then had them color. I was really surprised only about 2 from each class did well with the coloring. I will incorporate this every week.

These are the patterns I use, in case anyone is interested.

When we do our pages for the color book I also try to incorporate name recognition. I have all the children's names on the back of the papers. For our painting day, I had their paper ready and helped them to "write" their name with their finger. On apple tree day, I had their paper on the table with their name up. They had to find their name and complete the correct paper. I also did have them trace their name again with their finger.

Another activity we do every day is find the color in the room. After story time we go on a little hunt to see what we can find in our room that corresponds to the color of the week. This can get a little loud, but they love it.

We even had our snack helper bring is a great snack of watermelon, strawberries, and berry juice. It was a fun kick off to our color weeks.

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Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

These are all such fabulous ideas for color activities - thanks for sharing!!

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice said...

I love the little tree with red dots! What a great idea!

Mama King said...

great ideas - thanks!

Lindsey Moore said...

Great idea.... really loved the concept. hey check out this site you can find more educational resources on this site.

Angie said...

so a few months ago i started to read some blogs and I have them on my blogroll. I have started a new job since then and about a month ago 2 of the kids went to school so now it's just me and a K who turns three beginning of november. We're transitioning in to actually "teaching" and I was wondering if you could follow my blog and suggest things at times. I've never nannied before and i'm just nervous that I won't do a good job.

Melanie said...

Thank you so much for sharing this information! Those are some great ideas for teaching children about color. I am constantly looking for educational activities I can share with my teachers that the children will actually enjoy.

Preschool Playbook said...

Angie, if you are out there, I clicked on your name, but was denied access. What is your blog? I would be happy to check it out.


Julie said...

These are great ideas for focusing on a single color. Thank you! And please check out my blog - I have an award waiting there for you. :)

Crystal said...

I was just making my christmas/birthday lists and need some advice. Son #1 will be 3 and son #2 will be 16months at Christmas. I want to mostly get them learning toys or books. I would LOVE, LOve, LoVe you to do a post or just email what you think some of the "must-have" gifts would be. Thanks
crystalboom at hotmail dot com

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

The color activities and ideas are totally great. I loved the concepts.

Jen said...

I love seeing all of your different and motivating ideas. Also, I like how they are so varied- painting, sorting, etc. to teach your color concept. Great to meet the different learning styles of your students. Can I come and play and learn in your class? ha, ha

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