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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Handprint Hoot Owl

I found this really cute owl which I thought is great for fall or Halloween.

You will need:

construction paper: fall colors

Trace the child's hand on some colored construction paper four times. These hands are going to be the owl's feathers, so use any color you would like for these. I used orange and brown. Cut the hands outs. (If you would like him to look a bit more "feathery," just cut out more hands.)

Glue the hands to a piece of construction paper. Only put glue on the palm part to of the hand. Overlap them so that the fingers will look like feathers.

Next add a half circle for the head. I think my semi-circle is a little small, you might want to make it bigger. Glue this on covering the palm area of the top layer of hands.

Now it's time to add the finishing touches. I made a "great horned owl," so I added some black horns. Then there was a beak and some feet. Finally, everyone knows that owl's have some great big eyes. I cut two white circles then added some detail.

Glue the eyes on the head then go back and curl up the fingers to make them look like feathers. Now he's ready to spend a spooky night in the old oak tree.

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Dawn said...

cute, cute, cute

my 4 yr old will love this

Michelle Gibson said...

I'm thinking O is for Owl ~ that owl is a hoot! *Ü*

melinda@mamabearscubhouse. said...

at last, an owl i'm not scared of!!

Bobbi & Noe said...

SUPER cute! Great idea!!!

spongebob printable coloring pages said...

sweeties ......
cool job u have done here, kids definitely gonna like them