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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

15 Places for Preschool Teachers to Find Free Resources and Classroom Activities Online: Guest Post

We all know how we can hit those days when the ideas are just not there. Any little bit of help will do. Our guest writer today was kind enough to compile a list of 15 places a preschool teacher can find free resources or classroom activities. I thank Karen for taking the time to send the information my way. I've been checking some out and have found some fun ideas.

15 Places for Preschool Teachers to Find Free Resources and Classroom Activities Online

Creating lesson plans and activities to engage as well as teach a room full of young children can be tough. Fortunately, the Internet offers several premade lesson plans, activities, arts and crafts, and other resources that preschool teachers can use to tame and entertain even the most energetic preschooler. Here is a list of 15 places for preschool teachers to explore:

First-School - First-School offers a wide variety of fun lesson plans, activities, worksheets, crafts, and other resources that are ideal for preschool children ages 2-6. This site also has a materials list and preschool themes.

Core Knowledge Lesson Plan - This site provides a core curriculum that teachers can use from preschool to the 8th grade. The preschool lesson plans cover social skills, language, math, science, visual arts, and music.

Teachers.Net - With over 250 preschool lesson plans, Teachers.Net is an excellent free resource for the classroom. The lesson plans cover all subjects and feature a wide assortment of activities and crafts.

Everything Preschool - Everything Preschool is an idea and resource site for teachers in early childhood education. Throughout this site, you will find themes, lesson plans, coloring pages, craft recipes, bulletin boards, and a holiday center. - Within the pages of, teachers can find free lesson plans, worksheets, activities, and crafts for preschool and elementary children. The lesson plans are customizable so that you can adapt the plans to your own style of teaching.

Preschool Education - Preschool Education is a preschool teaching resource and idea center that features arts, books, reviews, dramatic play, games, incentives, themed days, a teacher's lounge and much more. This site also links to other sister sites specifically for preschool development.

PreschoolPlanner - The PreschoolPlanner provides premade lesson plans and craft ideas that teachers can use to prepare for class in less than five minutes. The lesson plans are creative and attention grabbing yet educational at the same time.

A to Z Teacher Stuff - This impressive teaching tools site features 810 lesson plans, activities, crafts, tools, and resources that can be used in a preschool classroom. Throughout this site, you can also find tips from other teachers, articles, discussions, and themed units.

Preschool Learning Online - Preschool Learning Online features themes, activities, coloring pages, printables, lesson plans, and teacher resources for preschool teachers, daycare workers, and parents. The activities and lesson plans are a fun and rewarding way for children to learn and simultaneously prepare for kindergarten.

Kids Front - Preschool teachers will appreciate the games and activities offered through the Kids Front website. The activity center provides tools for coloring and drawing, stories and rhyming, exploration, and fun learning.

Preschool Activity Box - The Preschool Activity Box offers an assortment of free preschool games, activities, crafts, and other resources. The aim of the resources is to prepare children for future school success.

ABC Home Preschool - ABC Home Preschool provides free coloring pages, crafts, physical education ideas, music activities, and curriculum ideas for preschool children.

Free-Preschool-Activities - Designed specifically for preschool teachers and stay at home moms, Free-Preschool-Activities provides an easy way for you to find printables, lesson plans, themes, worksheets, snack recipes, and free e-books.

LearningPage - The LearningPage gives preschool teachers easy access to dozens of free teaching materials. On this site, teachers will find basic sheets, themed sheets, clipart, e-books, and lesson plans.

Shirleys Preschool Activities - This site, created specifically for busy preschool teachers, features lesson plans, activities, songs and rhymes, reading materials, a menu planner, ABC fun, printables, arts, and crafts. These resources are good for preschool teachers and home schooling moms.

Guest post from education writer Karen Schweitzer. Karen is the Guide to Business School. She also writes reviews of online colleges for

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I just now had a chance to go through each site. This is an amazing list. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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Thanks for the list! I also love:
Funology has great activity ideas for kids.

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about half of these or new to me SO excited to check em out!

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