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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Drying Room

That probably seems like quite an odd title, but after you read this you will know why.

Today was painting day--hint, hint. We painted A LOT. I actually went to school with my hair in a pony tail, and some pretty old clothes. You see, I have a tendency to come home with paint on my clothes during the school year. Since I knew we were going to be immersed in tempera today I thought I would be proactive. Guess what? Not a drop of paint on me.

Our first step was to take our wonderful eggs and add some beautiful color to them. It almost looks like party time with the colorful eggs hanging to dry. Wait until you see what I thought we would do with the eggs. (Came up with the idea about 2 this morning). That will be in tomorrow's post.

Our other activity was to make the great dinosaurs I found at No Time for Flashcards some time ago. I thought it was so cute--definitely wanted to remember it for Dino Camp. If you check out her post you will see she used the sides of a cereal box for her dinosaur. Believe it or not we don't eat that much cereal. I thought I could head over to Michael's for some decently stiff cardboard--WRONG! I needed 16 pieces and they didn't have anything. What to do, what to do?

I was checking out the card stock when I noticed underneath some of them they had pieces of cardboard separating the patterns. Just the right stiffness. I was lucky enough to find 17 pieces. It took me forever. How many different patterns do they have--about 500? So, I take them up to the cash register and she let me have them. Thank you Michael's.

So I cut out the dinosaur shapes, got some clothespins and what did we do with these? You guessed it, we painted them.

Our final project was to have some water play with those little capsules that turn into different shapes. I, of course, had dinosaurs, again thanks to Michael's. This is always fun. Gotta love playing in the water.

Then, well, I ran out of time. No story today--sorry Mom and Dad. Maybe we'll catch up tomorrow.

So why the drying room? I have turned our "gathering room" into the area that the eggs, dinosaurs, and don't forget, our fossils are drying. Definitely a room you have to watch where you step.

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Katherine Marie! said...

I sooooo wish my kiddos could attend YOUR AMAZING AND WONDERFUL PRESCHOOL!!! You are AWESOME! Love your ideas as always! :)

Miller Moments said...

We made those dinosaurs awhile back and used Popsicle sticks instead of clothes pins. So fun. The eggs are really cute too!