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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Salty Chick

I don't know why but I find that title funny--maybe I should start thinking about getting professional help.

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, it's time to play with our food. Mailbox had another really cute snack that I altered a bit. In the magazine the ingredients are Ritz crackers, Vienna fingers, mini-M&M's, pretzel sticks, and cheese. I have included the instructions from Mailbox, but my chick is a little different. I tried to stay away from the sugar for this one.

For the chick I made you will need:

Ritz Crackers
mini pretzels
pretzel sticks
some type of sliced meat:
ham, pepperoni, bologna, etc.

Each child gets 2 Ritz Crackers. These are placed on a plate. Two mini pretzels are then used for the wings. Use two pretzel sticks for the legs(I didn't have pretzel sticks, I improvised). Give the children a piece of cheese and some scissors and let them cut out a triangle for the beak. The final step is pretty fun. Give the child the piece of meat and a straw. Allow them to press the straw into the meat to make some eyes.

Now that he's all together, what time is it? Time for a tasty snack.


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Miller Moments said...

very cute (and funny!)

The Adventures of Bear said...

Great blog full of great ideas. Can't wait for my LO to be just a bit older to be able to do these.

There is a Super Award waiting for you at my blog. :) Come check it out when you have a chance.

Jen said...

I guess I better get some professional help too, because you having me cracking up right now with your title! lol I don't know why either. It just sounds funny- but cute and appropriate. Laughing is good therapy though, so let's save our money!

Have a good night!

Mari said...

Cute. I love new snack ideas. :)

Clemencia said...

I've been enjoying a lot your awesome ideas, that's why I have a Super Award for you in my blog :)

Katherine Marie! said...

This is adorable!!!! I agree with JEN--- I need professional help too! I like your version of the salty rather than the sweet chick!