Monday, March 2, 2009

Fingerplays for Wind

I found a couple of fingerplays for the March wind. Just thought I would share.


See the kite away up high. (Use one hand as kite, sailing, twisting)
Sailing, swooping in the sky.
Twisting and turning and dipping around,
'Til the wind goes away,
And it comes fluttering down. (Hand comes down slowly)


Listen to the wind (Cup hand to ear)
Hear it blow? (Make "whoosh" noise)
What makes the wind blow?
Do you know? (Point at child)
Fill a ballon up full of air (Cup one hand to lips, blow;with each breath seperate hands, like blowing up a ballon)
Let the air out and (Take hand away from mouth)
Wind is there. (Bring hand in front as if feeling air leave the balloon)


  1. Hi, im doing an assignment on finger plays at the moment and im just wondering, what age group would these come under? thanks!

  2. I would use these fingerplays with my three year old class, also with the Pre-K. Once you demostrate fingerplays a few times they are quick to catch on. Good luck.