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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

President's Day Songs and Poems

I have a few President’s Day songs and poems.

Here is one from “Piggyback Songs,” by Jean Warren

Honest Abe
Sung to: “Yankee Doodle”

I love the name of Abraham
Wee see him on our money.
His picture’s on the $5.00 bill
And also on our penny.

Honest Abe is what he’s called
Honest, kind, and true.
He was our 16th President
He loved both me and you.

Barbara O’Dowd
Cypress, CA

This song is from “More Piggyback Songs,” by Jean Warren.
It’s a little long, but cute. I cut out one verse, and if I sang it with my 3yr. olds, I may not do the chorus.

George Washington
Sung to: “Yankee Doodle”

One time there was a little boy
Who had a little hatchet.
He looked and looked around to find
A little tree to catch it.

At last he spied a cherry tree
His father’s pride and joy.
He chopped it down, right to the ground
My! What a naughty boy!

Who cut this tree, my son did you?
His father asked the question.
Yes, it was I. I can not lie.
I cut it with my hatchet.

CHORUS: (if you would like)
Georgie, Georgie, no, no, no
Be careful what you do.
Hatchets can be dangerous
And you might get hurt, too!

Betty Ruth Baker
Waco, TX

Finally, I had two more George Washington poems in my box.

George’s little ax goes up (all fingers go up)
George’s little ax goes down (all fingers go down)
George’ little cherry tree (fingertips together to form a “tree”)
Falls to the ground. (fingers and hands flutter down)

Here is the last one:

There is something about George Washington you should know,
He was our very first president many years ago.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I thought these were too cute so I passed them on to my son's preschool teacher. I'm sure the kids enjoyed them.