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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Matching Mittens

This craft is similar to the butterfly craft I posted last summer. This is a craft that was done by one of our Pre-K classes.

For the craft you will need:

12 x 18 piece of paper

Take the paper and fold it in half horizontally. Draw a mitten pattern on the one half. Let the children use different colors paint to decorate their mittens. Make sure the paint isn't on too thin. After the children have painted their mitten, open the paper, and fold it again, covering the painted mitten. Now press down so the paint will get on the blank side of the paper. Open the paper up and you have two matching mittens. I know the teachers cut these mittens out, but if you have good cutters, I would let them cut out the mittens.

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1 comment:

Clemencia said...

what a great coincidence, that's what we'll be doing this week :)