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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Visual Schedule

So, here we are beginning the second month of school and yes, I still have some children not quite comfortable with their surroundings. From the instant they step in the room until the minute before they go home--"When is my mom coming?" Believe it or not I have never had this aspect before--1 week, maybe 2 weeks and they were good to go. All weekend I kept trying to think of a way to help these children with their day. Then on Sunday, I thought of it--a picture schedule. I know many of you well-seasoned teachers could have told me this weeks ago, but it's something I never had to utilize before. (Maybe I'm just losing my touch.)

So here is what I did. I took a piece of poster board and made 8 columns--one column for a specific part of the day. Then I went out to Google images and searched for pictures that would coordinate with the time of day. I printed out the pictures and then printed out a group of children. I glued the pictures to the board. I then used contact paper to cover the board. I like the strength of contact paper, especially when I will be moving the schedule from room to room with us.

I then got some Velcro and put one tab on each time of the day, and one on the group of people. We then moved the group to the different sections throughout our day. How did it work? Actually, I think it was very helpful.

The children came in very "upset." I introduced our schedule right away, showing the pictures, explaining the different times of the day, and moving the group around so they could see. Then we stuck our group on Circle Time and began our day. During play time they started to ask. We walked over to the schedule, took a look at it and they were okay each time. Every time I moved the group I made a big deal out of it. I really think it helped them to see that the "end was in sight."

I can't tell you how happy mom was to see them come out of school with a smile instead of a tissue. Was it all the schedule, or are they adjusting? No way to tell for sure, but it was nice for us to actually see them enjoying themselves--even interacting with the others. I think we turned a corner.

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Ms Debbie said...

Awesome idea. I like the way that the schedule reads left to right like we want them to learn for books!

Kelly Drill said...

I love this idea! Thanks for sharing.

Juliann said...

I like this idea too. I have used other methods of helping kids who can't seem to make the transition but this one makes so much sense.

allie said...

This does make sense -- I have a few children who do not speak any English in the classroom, and the visual schedule would be so helpful for them. Thank you for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Grrreaat idea! where did you find the preschool pictures and do you know where I can get some with real pictures not cartoons

Preschool Playbook said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for reading and I'm glad that you like the schedule. I got some of my pictures from Microsoft Clipart online. They do have acatual photographs too, sometimes it's just difficult finding one to mathch your subject. I have also found schedules where teachers have taken pictures of their actual class during the day and used those photos for the schedule.
Good luck