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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fire Prevention--Day 1

This week we are devoting a lot of time to fire prevention because it is Fire Prevention week. Unfortunately, with only having two days at school, we don't get to get into as much detail as I would like, but we try.

We began by introducing the children to a smoke detector--what's the sound it makes, what does it look like, where can we find one, and what should we do when we hear it? These are some questions that I posed to the children. I had a smoke detector there and we took a look at it. Then we pressed the button and heard the very loud noise it made. I was amazed and happy that many children did know when you hear the smoke detector, you get out. So after we heard the sound, we had a fire drill. I pushed the button, the children stopped what they were doing, we lined up, and found our way out of the building. We actually did two fire drills to find two different ways out.

After the fire drill we took a walk through the church complex to find all the smoke detectors we could--it was great fun and they found quite a few. We also looked for fire extinguishers--probably one of the hardest words they have been introduced to yet--but again, their excitement when finding one was great.

We also talked about who we call when we suspect there is a fire--those wonderful firefighters. How do the firefighters get to a fire? They get to ride that exciting fire truck, so that was our craft for the day.

It is a very basic fire truck made out of shapes. Because we have not done a lot of formal scissor skills, I have all the pieces cut out for the children already. I also have the lines drawn on the ladder and a preprinted firefighter to put in the cab.

To make the fire truck one would need:

one square--we used red
one long rectangle --ours was 9x3
one small rectangle for the ladder--ours was 6x1 1/2
2 black circles for the wheels

I gave the children the pieces and allowed them to put the fire truck together--taking cues from one I had made. This is really our first "craft" that they had many pieces to put together. There is a lot of gluing and organizing--like a puzzle. They really enjoy the end product and couldn't wait to take it home and show mom and dad.

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Unknown said...

We had our first fire drill yesterday. I tell them that when we say "velcro" they need to touch a teacher. Then we all proceed outside. It works very well!