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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dinosaur Camp--Day 3

Well, here we are mid-week. Our third day with a room full of boys in the midst of summer. Of course, it rained early this morning, so playground first thing didn't work out too well. We went to the room with a lot of energy.

Today we went over some more names of dinosaurs and practiced our distinguishing skills for carnivores and herbivores. The boys have gotten pretty good telling the difference.

Our activities today included water play with dinosaur capsules, finishing our dinosaur magnets,
dinosaur sticker scenes, and "hatching" the dinosaur egg in the "volcano.

I had purchased some foam dinosaurs squeezed into little capsules that will dissolve in water. I got these from a local craft store called Michael's. This gave the boys some time to have some water play, and watch their dinosaur "hatch" from it's egg.

Our other project was to finish the wooden dinosaur magnets we painted yesterday. Today we glued a magnet to the back of the dinosaur, glued on a wiggle eye, and decorated the dinosaurs with lots of sparkly decorations. They loved the end result. They're really cute.

On the tables today I had a dinosaur sticker scene which let the children place stickers on a background to make a dinosaur land. These I purchased from, agian, Oriental Trading. I also had some regular coloring papers that were dinosaur themed.

The "big event" for the day was the hatching of the dinosaur egg. Last year my son had gotten a "volcano" that you fill with warm water. Then you place specially made "eggs" in the volcano and the egg will dissolve leaving "dinosaur fossils." We then collect all the pieces and put them together to create a dinosaur. They REALLY ENJOYED this activity. I purchased the egg from our local Target store.

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Private said...

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fumo_bear said...

Your article was very timely. I have a 5yr. old brother who likes dinosaurs very much. He will definitely enjoy this activity...