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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dinosaur Camp-Day 2

Today at Dinosaur Camp we all were paleontologists. That's right, we had to "dig" up some dinosaur "fossils." We had a fun time, 0000 but it was cold. Our "fossils" had all frozen in the ice. Thank goodness it was a warm day--it was fun to cool off.

For this project I had taken 5 oz. paper cups and placed a small dinosaur inside the cup, then filled the cup with water about half way--until the dinosaur was covered. Then we placed the cups in the freezer until we were ready to go. I, again, purchased the dinosaurs from Oriental Trading, but I'm sure you can find small dinosaurs in many places. The bag I got has a lot of dinosaurs in them, but I will have it for a few years.

We discussed how paleontologists had special tools to use when digging up dinosaur fossils, and also that it is not an easy job. Our tools were little bottles full of warm water that we had to keep squirting at our fossil until we made the ice weak enough to break apart and retrieve our fossil. The kids have a great time with this project.

The other project we worked on today was our magnets. I had gone to one of our local craft stores, A.C. Moore, and purchased wooden cutouts of dinosaurs. Today we painted these and tomorrow we will finish them up.

We still had the sand table for finding our dinosaur skeletons, and today I had a cutting, and gluing activity on the table for anyone who wished to participate in that.

Our days are going by quickly--but it's great to see how much the kids enjoy their activities.

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