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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Save Time in a Book

The end of our school year has arrived. This is our last week at our school. Everything is going home. There is always one item that we send home at this time that is a huge hit with parents. It is called the ME BOOK. Throughout the school year we keep a book at school with different activities in at, then at the end of the year we send it home. Parents really enjoy it. It is a wonderful keepsake of the past year.

The ME BOOK is very easy to make. You can make one at home any time. Our ME BOOKs for the 3yr and Pre-K class are very similar. Our first page is done in September; we weigh and measure the children, then add a hand and foot print. The Pre-K usually stamps their prints and we trace the 3s'. We follow that page with a My Family page. The 3's have different pictures of moms, dads, sisters, brothers, pets, etc. to choose from then glue them on. The Pre-K class actually will draw their family. If you are doing something like this at home, you can even cut from photographs. Our final page at the beginning of the year is a Favorite Things page. The 3's and 4's usually pick from an array of magazine pictures.

All the above pages we start in September because that is our Who Am I unit. The rest of the pages are added at various times of the year. For the three-year-old class we add an I Know My Colors page-we make a color caterpillar; I Know My Shapes page-we use the four basic shapes to create a house and tree; I Can Write My Name page-we do this at three different times of the year. First we stamp our name, then we trace over dots to create our names, and finally we will try to write our name on our own. We then have an I Can Cut page where they had to cut some pieces apart to create an object. Finally in May we will weigh, measure, and do hand and footprints again to see how big the children have gotten. We finish off the book by adding photographs taken during various times of the year of the children--this is our School Days page.

The Pre-K class has a book that is very similar. Their books are a little more detailed. They have various I Can Write my Name pages throughout the book at different times of the year. Their last name page includes first and last names. When Pre-K does a food discussion, they make a favorite foods page-usually on something to make it look like a meal. During careers they add a When I Grow The children usually draw something on this page. There is a favorite story page, I Know my Address page, and an I Know my Phone Number page. Finally, the book will end similar to the three year olds' books with a May weigh and measure and photographs from the year.

Our "books" aren't put together too fancy. We use lots of construction paper, glue, and then we have a heavy duty stapler that brings everything together.

These books are great to go back and look at years later when your children are in middle school, high school, even college. Use your imagination. Any event you feel is important in your child's life can be documented in this book to save for years to come.

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Onna said...

Wow, this is awesome! I would love to make this with my 2.5 yr old. Do you have any pictures to post? Thanks for sharing your ideas!