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Number Pages

I am very surprised and excited that many people are finding the number pages I made for my Pre-K class something they would like to do.  I have had many requests for these pages which is wonderful.  They are not anything that I purchased, I actually made them myself on my computer.

I am offering to mail out the pages to anyone who would like a set.  With each set I will include a few words about what I did for each page.

It will cost me to mail them out.  If you would like a copy of the number pages 0-10, please send me your name, address, and $5.00 to cover costs, I will get them out as quickly as I can.  Please email me at:, for mailing information.

Here are the links to the posts with each page that I created and what I did with the children:

Numbers 0 and 1                
Number 2
Number 3
Numbers 4 and 5
Numbers 6, 7, and 8
Number s 9 and 10

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