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Guest Posts

This page is just a quick note about guest posts.  While I am flattered that so many people find that Preschool Playbook may be useful to them, I am unable to grant the amount of requests I get for guest posts.

On an average day my email contains five to ten requests by people wishing to write a guest post. While I realize there are many great articles and features out there that would be an asses to Preschool Playbook readers, I just don't have the ability to post all of these requests.  

Also, I do realize that each person is trying to showcase their site or talent, and I just can't become an advertising blog.  I hope you understand.

You may send me a request or an idea for a post, but I can't guarantee that it will be posted.  There are times when it is great to have an extra avenue for ideas when the brain dries up :).  I have always been open to guest posts, they have actually been a blessing at times when I was at a "loss for words." But,  I just can not accommodate ALL the requests I am getting.

My priority is to keep Preschool Playbook a blog full of ideas for parents and teachers of young children.

Thank you.

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