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About Me

Hi everyone.  So who am I?  Just your average, everyday, ordinary, hard-working preschool teacher. 

Many moons ago I graduated from West Chester University in Pennsylvania with a Bachelor's of Science in Early Childhood Education.  Right after graduating I landed a job in a daycare center working with 27 three-year-olds.  I will tell you I have extreme respect for anyone that works in a daycare center.  This job is definetly not for the faint of I heart and I commend everyone in the industry.

After working for a year at the daycare center, my husband and I were having our first child.  I left my job to stay with him.  Unfortunately, staying home constantly was not an option.

In 1989 I landed a job with Cedarville Nursery School teaching three-year-olds.  I have to say this is a dream job.  I teach 12 children per class in a room that is just beyond words.  Our classroom is actually the old church so it is very large and spacious, we can do so much.  The people I work with are wonderful and it is just such a fun and easy going work place.

I was also lucky enough that my job was held for me during the birth of my children.  They always allowed me to take a leave and come back in one form or another.  One opportunity afforded to me in one such circumstance was to stay at home with the children, but be the director of the school.  I took this job in 1998.  Yes I got to stay home, but lots of work is involved with this position.

In a couple of years I went back teaching with this school, along with being director, then well, the treasuer left so who do you think took on those duties?  Yep, that would be me.  So my job is:  Director, Treasurer, and Teacher at Cedarville Nursery School.  (My favorite--teaching of course, I have so much fun.)

My family is a powerful part of my life.  My husband of almost 24 years is amazing.  He is a warm and caring individual and there for all of us. How many is all of us?  We have five chidlren together; 4 boys and a girl.  The children's ages are 22, 18, 14, 11, and 6.  We are involved in many facets of childhood, but as they say, "It's keeps us young." 

I started my blog to share some of my experiences with teachers out there that may be looking for some new ideas.  I have an enjoyable time creating my blog.  The kicker is, I have been so inspired by what I have found from the amazing bloggers out there; other teachers and homeschoolers alike.  The talent in the world is truly magnificent.  I have become a better teacher and a better person thanks to all I have encountered in the wonderful world of cyberspace.

I hope you enjoy reading and find information that may help you along the way on your journey with little ones.

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