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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Who Are We?

Our past week the children at our school spent time getting to know themselves and their friends.  We had a wonderful week full of exciting activities.

The Pre-K class spent the first couple of weeks reviewing colors and shapes, next week we start our Alphabet Books.

 Some of the activities we did included a friendship wreath and a class mural for the three-year-olds.  We paint a mural every year and I am always trying to figure out the best way to set it up so that the three's can reach everywhere to paint the paper.  This year I think I finally came up with a decent idea.  I turned a table on its' side, then taped the paper to it so it was like an easel.  This way the children could reach the middle of the paper as well as the edges.

The Pre-K was also very busy.  We read the story "The Crayon Box That Talked," and created crayons to decorate the room.  Then we read "Elmer," and water colored a picture of Elmer to celebrate our differences.  We drew a bust of ourselves, colored them, and added hand prints to decorate our classroom for the year.  Finally, we talked about friendship and what words describe friends.  We wrote those words on index cards and decorated people shapes to represent ourselves.  It was a busy week, but very enjoyable.

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Anne-Marie said...

DO you do anything special with your mural? My son's preschool used to submit their mural to our towns agricultural fair. It would be on display for the whole town to see, and both years he was in preschool, they won a blue ribbon at the fair! The kids were so very proud...

Unknown said...

Awesome activity, will definitely make kids of my Preschool in bangalore try this. Thank you for sharing.
Keep the good work going.