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Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Senses

The Pre-K class finished up with the five senses last week.  I did pretty much the same things that we did last year for all of the senses:  binoculars for sight, tambourines for soundfinger painting with and without salt for touch, our smelling station, and our taste day.

I just wanted to share the smelling station and taste day with you as they enjoyed them so much.

For smell I set up different smells on our "rainbow" table.  The children took turns smelling the items and deciding which smell was their favorite.  The smells I included were:  Dr. Pepper soap, deodorant soap, perfume, chocolate, a candle, bay leaves, rosemary, coffee, syrup, cinnamon, garlic, and vanilla.  To my surprise they all hated the deodorant soap!

For taste day I have parents send in a "special family recipe" to share with the class and we have a tasting party.  We got some great stuff this year:  pizza, quesadillas, zucchini bread, banana bread, chocolate chip bread, chocolate chip cookies, humus with carrots, green pasta, cantaloupe, potatoes, and a fruit and veggie dish.  They were really good about trying the different things and boy were we stuffed!

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School Sparks Renee said...

2005 Your kids look adorable. I bet they love the "taste" activities the best! :)

Unknown said...

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