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Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Merry Christmas to All!

Christmas Day will soon be upon us.  I wanted to take this moment to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Most all of my Christmas ideas are posted on line so I don't have anything especially new for you.  I do have to say that some of our parents brought in some great snacks the last couple of days at school.  The parents said they found the items on Pinterest, so you may have already seen them if you were looking for great Christmas snacks.

There was a reindeer made from a small chocolate donut, broken pretzel antlers, a red M&M nose, and white icing eyes.  My favorite was a marshmallow Christmas ornament for which I don't have a picture--my camera was dead.  These were great.  It was a marshmallow that had been dipped halfway in chocolate, then the chocolate part was then dipped in rainbow sprinkles.  The final piece was a small candy can inserted in the top like the "hook."  They were great.

One new craft we came up with this year was from Mrs. D's crushed Christmas decoration.  When she was getting ready to decorate her home, she came across a decoration that had been crushed.  We used this decoration which was a pine type of decoration, with fake pine needles, to make the parents' gift tag.

We painted a 3x5 index card with red glitter paint.  We then had to cut the needles from the crushed decoration.  After the paint had dried, we created a tree shape with glue.  The children took the needles and made a Christmas tree on the card.  Then we topped it off with a star sticker. We attached these to the parents gifts.

Well, I'm off to enjoy Christmas and New Year's with my family.  I'm excited that this year we are traveling to Jekyll Island, Georgia.  This is our first Christmas trip like this.  Hope everything goes well.

Again--have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy some time with your family!

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Run, Run.....

Friday was our last day of school before our Christmas Break.  Boy, are the children ready.  It's almost like they have been living on chocolate chip cookies for the last week.  They are very EXCITED Christmas is coming.

So just to jazz things up a bit--like the children needed it--we had a great activity on Friday.  I LOVED it and the children talked about our day continuously.  Mrs. D created a Gingerbread Day.

This is an activity she used to do when she was a kindergarten teacher.  First we read "The Gingerbread Baby," by Jan Brett.  At the back of the book was a note from the Gingerbread Baby telling the children he was hungry and had gone to the kitchen for a snack---you should have seen their faces!

We rushed down to the kitchen.  There we found a note that the Gingerbread Baby had decided to go to the church to say a prayer.  We quietly went to the church.  When we got there, the Baby had left a note that he wanted to sing a song, so he went to the stage to perform. the stage.

When we got to the stage there was a note that the Gingerbread Baby had traveled to our front door.  Then he left a note he was waiting to see us in our classroom.  When we got to the classroom there was a note that said his mom made him go home, but he left some supplies for the children to make one of him.

Here is where the activity was a bit different then Mrs. D's original activity.  She used to have parents bring in plain gingerbread cookies, then the children decorated them.  Because of time we had a gingerbread shape, buttons, eyes, crayons, and glue available on the tables when the children got back to the room.  Then, they children made a Gingerbread Baby to take home with them.

The kids really, really, liked this activity.  It was one of the first things they told their parents before  our Christmas show began.  There were even a few children that "saw"  Gingerbread Baby footprints.  This is definitely an activity we will be doing every year.  I loved seeing how excited they all got.

We also made Hershey Kiss Pretzel Bites--just what they needed, more sugar.

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

New School Supply Site

I was recently offered the opportunity to shop at a new school supply site.  The site is called MPM School Supplies.

This site is jam packed with every type of supply that any school would need.  It not only has craft and art supplies, it also has office supplies for the person that wants to do that "one stop shopping."  Hey, that would be me!  The faster I can gets something done the better!

I was also very pleased with how easy it was to navigate the site.  Each heading is divided into subcategories which make shopping so easy.  You are able to go directly to the area you need, and find exactly what you need quickly.

This site takes into consideration their shopper's time and money.  It makes shopping easy and offers all a teacher, or director, would need.

MPM is offering my readers a 10% discount on their first 10 purchases.  Here is the link if you would like to take advantage of their offer:

 I hope you enjoy your shopping experience.

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