Monday, November 12, 2012

Adorable Hand Print Turkey

Mrs. Dorward created the cutest hand print turkey--they turned out so cute.

You will need:

2 circles cut from brown construction paper-
1 small for the head, one bigger for the body
1 large piece of white construction paper
different colored stamp pads
google eyes
1 small orange construction paper triangle

We had precut the brown circles out of the brown paper for time purposes, but you can draw the circles on a pieces of paper and allow the children to cut them out.

Next have them glue the large body circle to the large white paper.  Now the children press their hands in the ink they desire and make hand prints around the circle for the turkey's tail.

After the tail has been stamped, have the children glue on the turkey's head, beak, and google eyes.  You may also add feet if you like.  Mrs. Dorward hung hers up like that, I cut around the children's hand prints for a bit more tail shape.

They are really cute!


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  2. This is too cute! I need to do this with my students, thanks for sharing! You've made me a subscriber!

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