Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Favorite Day

On Thursday we one of our tastiest days of the year for our three-year-old class.  We do good foods in the month of November and we finish up the unit with some good food.

I have every child bring a fruit to school.  I ask for some parent volunteers and we make some great fruit salad.  It's great to see all the different fruit the children bring in, we have a different fruit salad every class.

Our other delicious treat was muffin pizzas.  I am always amazed that the children usually eat most if not all of their pizzas. You know how sometimes you make things and think the children will like them and they look at you like, "You really want me to eat this?"  But, with the pizza they love them.

I bring in muffins, pizza sauce and mozerella cheese.  The children take a muffin, add sauce first , if they like, then cover it with cheese.  We did have many just cheese "pizza," and one sauce pizza, but most of them were full "pizza."  Oh why am I on a diet?

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  1. Children no wonder love these type of activities a lot, and it makes them knowledgeable enough to do the interactive things like this in future.