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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Cat

This past week in Pre-K we were busy, but it seemed like we didn't get a lot done.  It was mostly one of those weeks with lots of specials going on.  We had pictures one day and Wee Workout another.  I know it was only two specials, but when you only have a 2 and a half hour class, things go quickly.

We were able to finish the letter T for our alphabet book and the number 2 for our number book.  We had one craft this week, a black cat for Halloween.  We actually started another craft on  Friday, but I must confess, I took a personal day and haven't seen it yet.

Mrs. Dorward brought the black cat craft to us.  It is relatively easy, but the children thought it was great.

You will need:

a cat template
black paper
white crayon
tissue paper

I had the children trace the cat on a piece of black paper.  Then they cut it out.  After they cut it out, I cut out two eyes and they picked a color of tissue paper they liked.  I then gave them a rectangular piece of the tissue paper they wanted.  Then they placed glue around the eye holes.  The tissue paper was placed over the eye area to give the cat a spooky appearance.  If you hang the cat on a window, it's even more spooky.  The kids really liked it.

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preschools in Milton Keynes# said...

A very different post and I must say a quite knowledgeable for small kids. They can do this craft work and can know what is a cat n how exactly it looks like. They can do it by their own and can do their hand movements also with paper folding which is quite helpful for any child.
Thanks for this post!