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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Whooo's Ready For Halloween?

Well, we thought we were ready for Halloween here, but now I'm not so sure.  We here on the east coast are sitting and waiting for Hurricane Sandy to work her way through.  It always is amazing to me how I am sitting here surrounded by wind and rain, others are having snow and cold, while still others are strolling along a beach somewhere in sandals and short sleeves.

So we are on a bit of a holiday from school.  No school today and no school tomorrow.  Who would of thought we would be in October and already adding on days to make up at the end of the year?  Unbelievable.

Last year it was all about Halloween for Pre-K.  We made bats, owls, and took a trip to enjoy the outside fall happenings.

Our second craft was new.  It was a craft from that wonderful magazine, "The Mailbox."  It was a cute little owl and pretty easy to make.

You will need:

brown construction paper--I made two owls out of one 9x12 sheet
brown construction rectangles about 3x4 1/2
large google eyes
orange construction paper triangles
brown paint
white paint

Because of time purposed I had all the pieces for the owl cut out and the children put the pieces together.  If there is time, the children could cut out the pieces themselves.  

Cut the 9x12 construction paper in half, then cut off a small portion of two bottom corners, just to give it shape.  I then took the two rectangles and curved one side, then the children can use scissors fray the wings, which are made with the two rectangles.

The children will need three orange triangles, two for feet and one for a nose.  On the back of the owl have the children glue on the wings and two feet.

Turn the owl over and let the children glue on the two eyes and one triangle for the beak.  

The final step is to add some feathers.  The children dip a Q-tip in some white paint and add  some white feathers.  Then they dip a Q-tip in some brown paint and add some brown feathers.    

Have fun and Happy Halloween!

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Cat

This past week in Pre-K we were busy, but it seemed like we didn't get a lot done.  It was mostly one of those weeks with lots of specials going on.  We had pictures one day and Wee Workout another.  I know it was only two specials, but when you only have a 2 and a half hour class, things go quickly.

We were able to finish the letter T for our alphabet book and the number 2 for our number book.  We had one craft this week, a black cat for Halloween.  We actually started another craft on  Friday, but I must confess, I took a personal day and haven't seen it yet.

Mrs. Dorward brought the black cat craft to us.  It is relatively easy, but the children thought it was great.

You will need:

a cat template
black paper
white crayon
tissue paper

I had the children trace the cat on a piece of black paper.  Then they cut it out.  After they cut it out, I cut out two eyes and they picked a color of tissue paper they liked.  I then gave them a rectangular piece of the tissue paper they wanted.  Then they placed glue around the eye holes.  The tissue paper was placed over the eye area to give the cat a spooky appearance.  If you hang the cat on a window, it's even more spooky.  The kids really liked it.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kid Writing

Way  back during the summer, Roaring Springs Paper Products had sent me a box of composition books for me to review.  At the time school was not in session, Roaring Springs has been very patient waiting for me to try these books out.

Roaring Springs sent me a box of marbled composition books for grade 1.  These books are filled with lined pages sized appropriately for children of grade 1 age.  When I got the books I was thinking of a thousand uses for them.

As I said before, our new Pre-K teacher is very big on teaching the children the written word.  When she was a kindergarten teacher she did a lot of Kid Writing with the children.  I have never done this before, so she is teaching me.

To do this we pick a topic, have the children draw a pictures, then "write a sentence" about their picture.  Our focus right now is to have the children writing from left to right, and to try to get them to form "words" together and put a space between them.  After the children "write their sentence" they dictate it to me and I write it also.

I have done the Kid Writing twice with my class.  Our first topic was our families, then I did a page about a pumpkin during pumpkin week.  During pumpkin I provided the children with the printed words to the beginning of our sentence.  They they told me what they wanted to write and I printed it on a sentence strip for them.  Some of them were able to copy the sentence, while some were still practicing getting down the writing motion.

We are using the composition books for this purpose.  The books lay open very nicely.  You know how sometimes it is hard to write to the middle of this type of book as they crease is there?  Well, we open the page, press down the middle, and the book lays nice and flat.

I have had the children use crayons and pen on the pages.  We have not used markers yet, so I'm not sure if the marker will bleed through the page, but we have had great success with what we have used so far.  We are even able to write on the back of the page we just drew on as the pictures "stay on their own side."

I am enjoying my new journey into Kid Writing and glad that we have a wonderful book for the children to keep their memories in.

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

P is for Pumpkin

Our letter in our Pre-K  class was doing letter P last week.  Appropriately, we decided to center our weeks plans around the book, "Pumpkin, Pumpkin," by  Jeanne Titherington.

Mrs. D is a great advocate of books with the children and the printed word.  On Monday, we read the book "Pumpkin, Pumpkin" to the children.  Then we created a class book based on the pumpkin book.

To make our class book we split the children into groups.  With each group we created a picture, then the children dictated words to me that I wrote on the page.  I titled my book "Pumpkins."  We are then going to let the children share the book with their families.  I think the books we are creating are so cute.

So that all the children would be doing something each day we also worked on a jack-o-lantern.  On Monday, we painted a piece of paper orange.  Then on Friday, I gave them a pumpkin pattern to trace.  After they traced the pattern, they cut it out.  Finally, I gave them a piece of black paper to cut out a face which they glued to their pumpkin.

On Wednesday, we made our porcupine for letter P.  The weeks are flying by.

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