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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Wonder of Working With Preschoolers

Here is a guest post that is very uplifting to all you teachers of young children; moms, dads, grandmoms, grandpops, aunts, uncles, teachers, etc.  This article makes you feel good inside and helps you remember that what you do is important.  Thanks Melissa.

Learning Skills Preschoolers Will Use Through College and Beyond

Contrary to what some people might think, kids learn a lot more than how to finger paint and share in preschool. In many ways, preschool is a time for kids to develop the basic and critical skills they'll need throughout their academic and even professional careers. Preschoolers are probably the most inquisitive people on earth, and this serves them well. Every question they ask and new nugget of information they discover is important. And everything you teach preschoolers helps shape the fundamental ways in which they'll interact with the world throughout their lives. Here are some of the many crucial skills you help preschoolers develop as their teacher:

The ability to learn by doing
Every interactive project you assign your class helps students realize they can learn a lot with their hands. When they're older, they'll continue to learn by doing. They'll approach science projects with ease and be able to find meaningful, practical applications for things they're learning in language arts, social studies, and math.

The ability to work on teams
Knowing how to work with other learners and discover new information as a member of a team is essential. Students work on teams throughout their academic lives, and figuring out how to work well with others and truly listen to and value other people's ideas can benefit the children you teach tremendously. Working on a team often doesn't come naturally to preschoolers, but with your guidance, they can often master this important skill.

The ability to use their imaginations
Preschoolers primarily express themselves through play. When given the opportunity to play with their peers in a safe, controlled environment, they're able to unleash their creativity and explore new, exciting facets of the world together. As they grow older, they're able to rely on their imaginative abilities to solve problems in innovative ways and approach learning as a multi-faceted, creative endeavor. Letting preschoolers grow as creative thinkers is one of the best gifts you can bestow as a teacher. Every great creative thinker, artist, and inventor can thank his or her preschool teacher for providing the opportunity to engage in imaginative play.

The ability to be taught
As previously mentioned, preschoolers learn how to listen to their peers when they work together in groups. Additionally, they also learn to listen to their teachers. As frustrating as it may be at times to get your kiddos to pay attention to you, all your effort pays off. Once they leave your classroom, they're better able to listen to and understand what their teachers, mentors, and parents say. Kids learn how to be taught in a formal environment in preschool, and this skill truly matters.

What you do each day as a preschool teacher is so incredibly important. You teach kids many of the essential skills they'll need as they grow academically and personally. Don't ever forget that, and keep on doing what you do and loving it!

Melissa Miller is a freelance writer, blogger, and education enthusiast who often contributes content to  education-related sites. When Melissa's not writing, she's spending time with her kids, helping novice educators learn the ropes, and doing yoga. Please leave your comments and questions for Melissa below. She loves to hear from her readers!

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