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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Catching Up on Last Week

We got a lot done in both classes last week.  I have decided to write one post about out theme and some of the usuals we do.  Then I will write another post with some of the fun new things we added this year.

For our three-year-old class we have been slowly getting them acclimated to their surroundings and the new teachers.  We have spent some time creating friendship bracelets, a friendship wreath for our room, and a class mural.  The threes have been doing really well.  There are still a couple that are not 100% sure they want to be at school, but I will say we are getting close, maybe 80%?

We also read that ever important story, "The Day the Monster Came to School."  Then we created rules for our class.  The children made a monster to take home so they could review the rules.

One "getting to know you activity" that both classes are participating in are the "About Me" posters.  The three year old class was given a large piece of paper and we asked parents to help them create a poster about them to share with the class.  Then we hang them in the room.

The Pre-K class has an "All About Me Tee" poster.  I got the posters from Really Good Stuff.  I gave each family a poster on orientation day.  Again, we asked the families to complete the poster, send it in so the children could share it with the class, then we hang them.  Our room is getting very decorated!

The Pre-K classes finished their busts to hang around the room.  We create these every year.  I have parent volunteers come in to help us trace the children.  The children then color them.  We add some hand prints and names, then hang them up.  They will decorate our room all year.

The Pre-K has also started their Me Books.  We weighed them, measured them, they drew their self-portrait, and put a beginning handprint in the book.

As for skills, it was shape week.  The children did a lot of cutting for these activities.  It was mostly review, but the scissor skills are really needed.  They also painted shapes so we could play shape hot potato after all the review.

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Nancy said...

Those are really fun activities. Thanks for sharing!

Jen said...

Wow! Everything looks so awesome. I bet they had fun learning, playing, and creating. They are so lucky to have you.