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Friday, August 24, 2012

My Favorite Things: Book Review

A while back I was contacted and asked to review a book written by author Shauna Sohl. I thank her for her patience with me. I have had the book for a bit, I just haven't been able to get the review done.

Shauna Sohl has written a book called, "My Favorite Things." Shauna is an early childhood educator and mother of three. She enjoys writing for children and reading to children. Shauna had help creating this book, her daughter. The illustrations in the book all have been done by her daughter and they are BEAUTIFUL. The illustrations are very appropriate for a child and makes one want to look at each page.

I can tell you that I will definitely be using this book during the school year. Our first theme is a ME theme and this book fits right in with, what else, our favorite things. We actually make a page in our Me Books about our favorite things.

I was excited to learn that this book is actually a flip book. The book is separated into two parts: my favorite things from a girl's perspective, and my favorite things from a boy's perspective. The writing is basic and simple and very easy for children to understand and be engaged in. I think they can even help read with you after a couple of times.

I feel this book would be a welcome addition to any school or family's library. It portrays so many wonderful aspects of being a child.

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