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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fun Field Trips

Going on field trips is a favorite of mine. I love to be able to take them places they may not usually go. Or, to take them to a place they DO go, but they get to see behind the scenes.

During community helpers we were able to visit a veterinary hospital and a Red Lobster restaurant.

One of the moms in our class is a veterinarian so we were able to visit her veterinary hospital and get to take a look behind the scenes. First all the children got weighed on the big scale. We then went to an examine room and she showed us some things she uses to check the animals. Our leader even got to ride up and down on the table.

We then went to the room where the animals are kept if they are staying. She has a great big retaining cage which the kids loved trying out. We saw all the cats and then the dogs that were there.

She also had some great x-rays she put up for the children. They had to try to figure out what type of animals it was and see if they could figure out why they were getting an x-ray. She even showed them a snake skin, kidney stones, teeth, and some other "goodies."

Finally we got to go to the staff area and enjoy our snack. Our snack mom had made everyone a sugar cookie in the shape of a dog bone--I thought it was so cute. While we had our snack we got a visit from a Great Dane--I love Great Danes. It was a wonderful trip.

Another establishment we got to visit was our local Red Lobster. This was a great trip also.

We went to the restaurant in the morning, before they opened for business. We got to take a tour of the whole place--kitchen, freezer, and all. Then we went to the tables and learned some facts about Red Lobster and the fish they use. We then got to make and bake our own biscuits for a snack. Each table--I think there were 4--got to mix up a batch of biscuits, scoop them out on the tray, and then help put them in the oven.

Finally it was time to eat. Everyone got biscuits, of course, chicken fingers, fries, and a drink. This is a great trip to try if you have a Red Lobster near you.

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Jen said...

What awesome f.trips! Love seeing the Red Lobster pics... being I work there on weekends. :)


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Looks like a great day! Renee

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