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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Did We Do For Mom?

I am finished with school this year, so I hope to be able to post all the things I haven't been able to get to. Of course, nothing will be in order, but at least I will finally get to it.

I wanted to show you what we did for this past Mother's Day. I hope you all had a wonderful day.
The three-year-old class made their mom our usual "cup of tea." For the Pre-K, I found a wonderful picture in one of our Mailbox publications.

The children made a flower with their handprint. I painted the palm one color and the fingers another color. The following day we added a stem, leaf, heart, and a poem. I also had the children write their name on the "card" too.

I really think they turned out cute. The poem was written by Kathleen Lademan. It reads as follows: A piece of me I give to you. I painted this flower to say "I love you." The heart is you, the hand is me,. to show we are friends-the best there can be. I hope you will save it and look back someday at the flower we shared on your special day.

I hope mom enjoyed it.

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School Sparks Renee said...

Very sweet! Renee

Jen said...

I have two of these hands- one from each little girl!! :) Love them- a keeper for sure.