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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"School" of Fish

Usually when we talk about pets I always end up making fish. I"m not sure why, I think I just like the crafts.

Both of the classes made fish during this unit. For the 3's I had a fishbowl with two plants drawn in it. The children colored the plants with crayon, then watercolored the rest. After the fishbowl was dry, I cut it out and they added fish stickers.

I found a great "Mailbox" craft for the Pre-K. I gave each child a 9x12 piece of white paper. Then I made what the Mailbox person called--bubble wrap mitts. I took a piece of bubble wrap, folded it in half so that the bubbles where on the outside, then stapled the side edge together.

I then put out four plates of paint. The children slid their hand into the bubble wrap mitt, laid the mitt in the paint of their choice, then tapped down on the paper to make a bubble wrap print. I let them use two different colors. (Watch out for splattering paint--I now have paints with red paint splatter on them.)

After the children did their paint splatters, they sprinkled glitter on the paint.

The next day, after the paintings were dry, I had made a fish template. Each child traced the template by themselves, then cut the fish out. The final step was to add a smile and a big google eye.

I just love these fish. I didn't let the children take them home yet because I thought they looked great on the wall.

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School Sparks Renee said...

Bubble wrap is always fun! Thanks for the ideas and pictures. Renee

Jamey said...

That is funny that you always do fish. We did pet week this week too, and I always end up doing dog puppet crafts. I love these fish ideas, I am going to take note for out ocean theme. Thanks.

Jessica said...

I have never thought of painting with bubble wrap. I am totally going to try this!

Jen said...

Love those fishies! Awesome.
Hope your family is doing well and that you are enjoying your Preschool days!


Jenny said...

This is such a creative Idea! I'm going to let my son's Jersey City preschool teacher know about this site, I think she'll love it!