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Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Little Graduates

Well, the Pre-K class had their graduation ceremony. They're all grown up and leaving the nest:(.

It was a wonderful evening. We practiced all our songs for about a week. They were singing like professionals. Add about 100 people on graduation evening and suddenly all their voices disappeared:).

Actually, I was very proud. They did a great job and held up like troopers.

I really can't believe the year is over. It seems like just yesterday that I was fretting I was never going to make it through. What would I do? Would I be able to plan enough for all those days? Would the children have a good time? Would I help them complete the skills they needed for kindergarten?

I think the year went great. I never was looking for anything to do. I was actually looking for more time to do things I wanted to. And the children? All top scholars. Of course, they are just geniuses anyway.

Happy Summer!

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ReeneeRaaid said...

They're all adorable and so cute :)

School Sparks Renee said...

Very sweet! Renee

Skipssis said...

We had a great graduation as well. My co-teacher and I came up with awards for each child just thinking about what was brought to mind when we thought of them. For instance if a child was drawn to the Lego table a lt, we gave them the greatest builder award. We took pictures all year and had a slides how for the families