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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The End of the Alphabet

I was worried! I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. It seemed like the end of the year was getting closer and closer, but the letters of the alphabet just coming and coming. I did make it, and I had a few classes to spare. Whew.

To finish up our books we needed to do the letters N, W, X, Y, and Z. Then Mrs. M and I added a cover and stapled them together.

For N our page was "Nightingale in a Nest. I thought it would be fun to use noodles in our craft for that letter. I drew a capital N and let the children glue noodles to it.

W was a "Walrus in the Water." I had thought I wanted to make a windmill. I toyed and toyed with different ideas, but never came up with any I liked. So we ended up making a watermelon. I had cut out a green and red piece for them to glue together to make the watermelon. Then I had them dip their finger in a black ink pad and put some seeds in the watermelon.

X was a "Fox in a Box." Here was another tricky one. I was thinking of making a xylophone, but truth be told, the craft day came around before I was prepared. I was going to cut out different color rectangles and let them glue them next to each other. But, since I didn't get there, we made an EXIT sign. The children stamped the letters E, I, and T. Then we put the capital X from our letter pad in the X spot. They actually turned out better than expected.

Y was a "Yak in the Yard." Many of them had not heard of a yak before so we discussed that a bit. Also, yam was a popular Y word which some had not heard of. Luckily one of my students brought one in for our Y show-n-share. I decided on yellow for craft fun. We had to split this up into two days. Day one I had them paint a piece of paper yellow. On day two they tackied down some different yellow objects. Such as: pom poms, foam shapes, beads, or buttons.

Finally to letter Z. What else but a "Zebra in a Zoo?" Here is another one I put my thinking cap on for. I had wanted to make a zipper, since zebra is so popular, but again my brain could not configure one in my head--I don't know maybe because it was the end of the year. So I did end up making a zebra. I had a horse shape on their paper with the word zebra. I then gave them a black strip of paper which they cut out small strips from. They then glued the strips to the "horse" to create the zebra.

So we finished them all. They did a great job and I thought it was fun to create different things from each letter. I think mom and dad, and the children, really enjoyed their books.

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School Sparks Renee said...

Such cute ideas. Love the stripes on the zebra! Renee

Petro said...

Thanks for sharing so many nice, useful stories. We have a 3 years old niece and these days is really hard to both educate and entertain her and your tips are golden :)


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