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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Speaking of Letters....

A while back Ms. Cindy Johnson asked me to review an ebook she had written called; Alphamania: An Alphabet Resource for Teachers and Parents. Ms. Johnson probably thought I forgot about her--but I didn't. I thank her for being patient with me.

Alphamania is the first book written by Ms. Johnson and was inspired by her years of teaching elementary school. Alphamania is put together very basically so it is very easy to use as a resource guide. The chapters in each book are divided by letter, and each letter has the same categories for ease of use.

There are nine separate categories for exploration of each letter; Crafty Creations, Activities, Tiny Tastes, Special Guests and/or Road Trips, What to Watch, What to Read, Letter Stretchers, Where on Earth is...?, and Musical Notes.

A user can go to the letter they are concentrating on and depending on the type of project or activity they wish to do, go right to the category they desire. Ms. Johnson has listed all types of ideas for each category.

I think Alphamania is a great resource for anyone introducing letter to young learners. There are many ideas presented and the book is very user friendly. If you were thinking of purchasing a book to help with letter lessons, take a look, I think it could be very helpful.

Ms. Johnson has also created an Alphamania Blog with more ideas. If you would like a sample download, or to purchase the book click here:

Gotta love letter learning!

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