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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Let Those Flowers Bloom

During the month of March we had to concentrate on Easter more than spring. So, this month we will be discussing beautiful flowers.

To begin with, for the three-year-old class, we took our annual trip to Ott's Exotic Plants. This is a local nursery that is just magnificent. I love going here with the children. It is a nursery, but up a few notches. There are some of the most gorgeous plants around here and they are huge. There is a small mountain inside that we can climb that has a waterfall, and outside there is a huge mountain we can climb. It's great fun.

The three year class made pussywillows. To make these I had the children draw some branches with a marker. Then they put on the pussywillow using their thumbprint and an ink pad. They had a ball with this. The trick was to catch them before they left the table so that we didn't have fingerprints all over the room.

Next, both classes planted some seeds to watch them grow. What do plants need to grow, etc? We will watch these plants grow and send them home around Mother's Day.

The three's made some cute flowers with various foam shapes. I was very proud of the children. I had this out as a type of center. I had explained to the children what to do here if they wished to make a flower and I had showed them at circle time. Then I let them go. They really made some cute flowers all by themselves. On Thursday we will do some flower painting with dish scrubbers.

For the Pre-K class we painted sunflowers. Now I know these don't bloom until summer, but I found it in a Mailbox magazine and thought they were adorable. The children painted a brown spot in the center of the paper. Then we painted their hands yellow and they pressed them around the brown center.

The next day we added real sunflower seeds to the brown center. I had bought the kind of sunflower seeds that can be eaten and let the children try them. Three of the children loved them, a couple said they were okay, and others made faces. But, at least they tried them.

During this time I also had a container of dirt out for the children to play in for a sensory activity. We had a couple of shovels, some cups, and "snakes."

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School Sparks Renee said...

Adorable ideas for these little guys! Renee

Ms Jessica said...

Hello! I love your blog, your preschool looks so SO FUN! I am opening my own preschool this fall, where to begin??? I will read through your posts, but any pointers on places to look and research would be so appreciated.